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In this new release, Trusting Change: Finding Our Way through Personal and Global Change, Karen invites readers on the cusp of great change—which is all of us today—to explore the new possibilities emerging in our times. Whether you are living through significant personal transitions or navigating a world reshaping itself faster than ever, you’ll find guidance in the book’s ten skills for living on the threshold as well as spiritual practices and inspiration for connecting with your own inner wisdom. From the first page, the book’s storytelling and poetic use of metaphor will accompany you through uncertainty and change. Karen doesn’t pretend that change is simple. But in these pages, you’ll find reassurance that change becomes easier to trust the more we participate in it.

Sharing wisdom found in the body, in nature, and in metaphors, these reflections include creative and embodied exercises that invite readers into a larger story of change. Whether you use the book alone or in a small group, it reminds us that trusting change is made possible by sharing its challenges and its possibilities with others. Read an excerpt, “Shedding Old Skins,” published online.

Trusting Change is now available from your favorite neighborhood or online booksellers, or online from Inspirit Bookstore.


Writing to Wake the SoulWhether you approach this book primarily as a reader or a writer, you can open a rich correspondence with yourself and learn what your own heart has to say. Author Karen Hering offers a path of self-exploration and a contemplative practice of writing that engages memory and imagination, story and poetry, images and the timeless wisdom of world religions and mythology. It will open your ear to your own truths while opening your heart to the world around you.

Now available in paperback!

Blending writing prompts, meditations, and stories, this book invites you to begin wherever you are and explore and expand your own language of faith. Based on hundreds of writing sessions Karen has led in a wide variety of settings, the book includes reflections and writing prompts on ten key spiritual words—faith, prayer, sin, love, justice, hope, redemption, grace, hospitality, reverence. Whether you are a theist, atheist, or agnostic, Writing to Wake the Soul offers a clear and thoughtful guide for articulating and exploring the difficult and illuminating questions of our time.

The next chapter is yours to write.

Read an extended excerpt from Writing to Wake the Soul or a shorter excerpt included in Quest for Meaning on the theme of “beginnings,” available as text or a recording.

Writing to Wake the Soul is available for purchase from online and neighborhood booksellers.