We Make the Road by Writing

Welcome to the first full day of your writing retreat! We have included this photo from the Christine Center to inspire you with a path through the woods surrounding the retreat center. I hope it evokes for you a path near you that is beckoning you into today’s writing.

Here’s today’s writing prompt and a link to a brief Qigong orientation to begin your day.

Day 1 Writing Prompt: The Road that Brought Me Here/Now 

What is the road or path that brought you here, wherever you are, now? Who are the people who have opened the way for you to be here, now…. wherever you are? (These might be ancestors by blood or what I sometimes call ancestors, often claimed or adopted, by passion.) You might use this prompt to write specifically about your arrival in this week’s writing retreat or about your commitment to whatever you are writing now. Or about this time and place in your life. Whatever is in your heart on this morning eager to find its way to the page is the right place to start. Who or what has brought you here, now, to this open page on this open morning?

 You can write from that question or begin with this prompt and follow wherever it leads.

 What has led me here ….

five-minute video demonstrating a qigong exercise to accompany this prompt can be found here.

Many good wishes for the morning’s writing. I look forward to seeing and hearing from you in our noon circle.