“Let It Come!” – Spring Mudra

April 21, 2018

Spring is so late in arrival this year! I have been doing everything I can to remind myself that it will come, in its own time — and that, in fact, it is already arriving inside, out of sight, inside me and inside every plant that still appears dormant. This mudra is one of these reminders. Click here or on the photo to play a video of the mudra. Thanks to Tim House whose New England hospitality provided me with the blooming forsythia to make this video, even while my home landscape is still buried in snow.

Here are the words:

May I open my heart
to the lengthening daylight.
May my roots draw up water
from the softening earth.
May my winter bare branches
relax and release
into buds, into leaves.
May the sweetness within me
rise and fall, rise and fall.
Now, let it come—
the new shoots,
the new blooms,
the new life
now emerging.

Please join me in welcoming spring! Let it come!

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