Some small sound that could wake us

March 17, 2016 | Tags: ,


The grass is greening here in the upper Midwest, the emerald blades of daffodil leaves are emerging from the dirt and the migratory birds are returning. Even though flakes of snow are tumbling past my window as I write this, in recent days we have begun sleeping with a window open in our house and waking in the morning to the sound of a few brave birds. Their chirping reminds me of these words from the poet Dorianne Laux:

… for each of us there is
some small sound like an unseen bird or
a red bike grinding along the gravel path
that could wake us, and take us home.
What are the sounds of this season, in nature or in your community or religious life, that have the power to wake you, and take you home? Listen. If you step away from the noise of traffic and the clamor of voices shouting in the media, what do you hear that might stir your soul awake? Where do the small sounds of life take you?

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