Online Programs

Karen offers monthly online programs in the 2023 series, “A Year of Living with Change,” each month exploring a different skill for living on the Threshold. Programs are based on her book, Trusting Change, but participants need not read the book to attend. You can register for individual programs through the series co-sponsors Christine Center or Prairiewoods Center, or by becoming a paid subscriber to “Threshold Times.

Other periodic online programs are announced via Karen’s online newsletter, “Threshold Times.” A free subscription will assure that you learn about new offerings.

Annual Writing Retreat

Each year, Karen offers an annual writing retreat for writers of all kinds who wish to use words for better understanding and navigating life’s shifting currents. To learn what past participants have said about these retreats, see Karen’s invitation to the 2023 retreat.

Open Page Writing Sessions

Karen’s OPEN PAGE guided writing sessions are invitations to the creative spirit, opportunities to correspond with “the still, small voice within” anWriting Journald, as one participant put it, “A great way to think beyond the obvious and the surface.” No writing experience needed.  Each session focuses on a theme such as Thresholds, Vocation, Belonging, Blessing or Peace, and participants write their own reflections prompted by poetry, stories, teachings from world religion, visual images and physical objects.

Karen has led sessions on over 30 topics that you can peruse to jumpstart your thinking about bringing her to your organization or community for an Open Page session. New topics are always being developed, so feel free to suggest something you don’t see on the list. Past participants have described her sessions as:

“Beautifully done. Very calming, focusing, joyful.”
“A great way to explore multiple dimensions of one’s life through writing.”
“Excellent. It helped me name what matters.”
“It put me in touch with a voice of encouragement.”
“It enriched my experience of living and writing.”
“Profound – exactly what I needed . . . . The sessions pushed me to expand my thinking – to open my mind.”
“I engaged a different part of my writer self. . . . Terrific – accessible, great for all levels of writing skill.”
“It got me thinking in new ways.”

  To request more information or schedule a session for your organization or community, contact Karen by email.

My Story, Your Story, Our Story

A multi-session, multi-racial facilitated group exploring our family stories of origin to foster deeper understanding of identity, racism and belonging

What is your unique origin story? How is it nested with others’ in the larger national history we share? And how do these stories deepen our understandings of identity, racism and belonging? This facilitated small group program invites participants to reflect on their own family’s story of origin and to bring those stories into conversation with the larger history that weaves them together. Developed and co-led by Karen Hering and Arif Mamdani, the group uses guided writing, imaginative recollection, conversation, qigong and other exercises to foster a connection with our ancestors and one another. No writing experience or prior knowledge of family history required.

To request more information or schedule a session for your organization or community, contact Karen by email.


Karen’s sessions are particularly suitable for retreat settings, offering an invitation into stillness, contemplation and deep listening to one’s inner truth. Karen has provided keynotes and daily writing sessions for day, weekend and weeklong retreats on a wide variety themes. Open registration retreats will be listed on this page. To explore Karen’s participation in your own group’s upcoming retreat or program, contact Karen by email.