Threshold Times Offerings in 2024: online reflections and programs and in person retreats

June 2, 2023

While I still haven’t redesigned this website, one day it will happen. Meanwhile, please bear with me and visit my Substack website for the most current postings.

I continue to share content and community based on my last book, Trusting Change: Finding Our Way through Personal and Global Transformation. You can order it from your favorite brick and mortar bookseller or online. (See the description below.) If you would like to invite me to lead your organization, faith community or group in an online or in person program, please contact me by email. Whether it’s a leading single session online, crafting a full day in person retreat for your community, providing a keynote or supporting a community book read using Trusting Change, I have been grateful to support many different ways readers have used this book collectively to navigate change and welcome the chance to discuss how you might wish to engage it.


I have shifted most of my blogging and online program offerings to my Substack online newsletter , “Threshold Times,” which shares written reflections, recorded posts and online programs related to living well with change, creativity and writing. You can sign up for a free subscription that will bring a monthly reflection to your inbox. Or, if you choose to support this effort with a paid subscription, you can participate in monthly online programs in the 2024 yearlong series, “On the Cusp of Change: where memory and imagination meet,” each one exploring a different skill for living on the Threshold, specifically through the lens of memory and imagination. Paid subscribers also receive periodic audio and video messages. Please consider subscribing today. Every subscription, free or paid, encourages me and this work of building communities better equipped for a changing world.



Stranger than Fiction: a writing retreat on the relationship between truth and lies in any genre
Friday, July 19- Tuesday, July 23
For experienced and emerging writers alike
Register through the Christine Center in Wisconsin

Every story is a meeting point between truth and lies, fact and fiction, memory and imagination. Or, as Timothy O’Brien put it, “story-truth is truer sometimes than happening-truth.” In a time when the difference between truth and lies is especially important, what are the writer’s responsibilities and options for sharing and illuminating truth? This writing retreat invites you to explore the complex relationship between truth and lies – in human experience and in your own writing. Whether you’re writing for publication or for yourself, whether you’re embarking on a new project or continuing to work on a writing piece started long ago, this retreat will provide encouragement, centering, community and creative practices for engaging the struggles, joy and compassion of the human heart as you put pen to page or fingers to keyboard.

The retreat is for experienced and emerging writers alike, and for writers of fiction, memoir, poetry and other forms. It offers: personal time for your own writing projects; optional daily guided writing sessions to spur your muse; gentle qigong and tai ji to listen to your body; and community meals and daily circles for abundant conversation, insight and laughter in creative exchanges with writing friends, new and old. Attend on your own, or with a writing partner or group. Together, we’ll share the gifts and challenges of the writing life, supported by the Christine Center’s generous hospitality, delicious and nourishing meals, peaceful natural setting, and opportunities for silent meditation and spiritual direction or unleashing creativity in the arts studio. Register early to reserve a housing option of your choice.


Throughout 2024, I am again leading monthly online programs based on Trusting Change. You can register for individual programs through the series co-sponsors Christine Center or Prairiewoods Center, or for paid subscribers to Threshold Times, participation is included as a benefit. Monthly updates and registration information also available to free subscribers and the public at Threshold Times.


In my new release, Trusting Change: Finding Our Way through Personal and Global Change, I invite readers on the cusp of great change—which is all of us today—to explore the new possibilities emerging in our times. Whether you are living through significant personal transitions or navigating a world reshaping itself faster than ever, you’ll find guidance in the book’s ten skills for living on the threshold as well as spiritual practices and inspiration for connecting with your own inner wisdom. From the first page, the book’s storytelling and poetic use of metaphor will accompany you through uncertainty and change. I don’t pretend that change is simple. But in these pages, I hope you’ll find reassurance that change becomes easier to trust the more we participate in it.

Sharing wisdom found in the body, in nature, and in metaphors, these reflections include creative and embodied exercises that invite readers into a larger story of change. Whether you use the book alone or in a small group, it reminds us that trusting change is made possible by sharing its challenges and its possibilities with others. Trusting Change is now available from your favorite neighborhood or online booksellers, or online from Inspirit Bookstore.



Writing to Wake the Soul“Whether we are writers or not, words help us reach beyond ourselves to name and claim our greater wholeness. They help us summon our best possibilities, bridging between the world as it is today and the place of justice and peace that we long for it to be.”

In guided writing sessions and retreats, and in this award-winning book Writing to Wake the Soul,Nautilus National Book Award granted for better books building a better world. I invite you to engage writing as a spiritual practice and a tool for social change. Drawing from the wisdom of world religions and folklore, history, science and literature, this book offers reflections and writing prompts to guide you in exploring your own life and articulating the difficult and illuminating questions of our time.

Join me in awakening your own “still, small voice within” in the pages of this book or in an upcoming writing program or retreat.

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