Blessing of the Long Night Moon

December 23, 2021

Long Night Moon

“the dark too blooms and sings”
                                   Wendell Berry
Wisdom says
Befriend the dark.
Welcome its gifts and songs.
But as the solstice sun
stands still
and far away,
I thank the Long Night Moon
for lingering three full
nights while we keep vigil
through the throes of loss
and change, watching every horizon
for Love’s face rising—

and the gentle light
of hope
refracted there.

Karen Hering
December 23, 2021
With gratitude for the true and gentle light
of love and hope
you shine in the world.
Keep rising. Keep shining.
Let’s pass the light around,
through the long nights still to come.
Solstice blessings and wishes
for wellness and love.
NOTE: The confluence of December’s full moon with the winter solstice this year brought an early moonrise and late moonset for three nights running — a gift of light refracted to bless our nights.

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